Father’s Day

Good Morning folks! Or depending where you are this may be afternoon? Today’s blog is about the upcoming Sunday…. in Canada… we also refer to it as Father’s Day.

Though many view these Holidays as “commercial” I think that it is a special day and one that should probably be celebrated more often than once a year. I don’t know you all and don’t know what types of fathers everyone has had but I am pleased to say that I have had two pretty fantastic parents who have always supported me when needed.

So today’s post goes out to all the fathers I know and all the great men out there who have had and/or will one day have the chance to be called “DAD”!

One may think that Mother’s Day gets a lot more “glamour” than Father’s Day and one would be right… society has decided that Mother’s Day should be a “bigger deal” if you will than father’s day. BUT let’s not forget how WONDERFUL fathers can be!

A Dad is a super hero without a uniform! So today’s compilation of pictures goes out to all the fathers out there who have made a child smile, laugh, and be proud! And one of the greatest dads I know… MY OWN – who is always ready to make me smile and stand in the background, happy, if that means I get to shine!

San Fran, driving the RV





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