We Work All Week For the Weekend!

Good evening fellow followers and bloggers. Today’s post is about the work week…. but most importantly what comes after it!

Everyone wonders where does working 9-5, Monday to Friday come from? Well there are many stories out there… one of the most popular one is about Henry Ford who always suported shorter work week to increase productivity, efficiency etc. I have also heard that recent studies show that decreasing the work week to 4 days a week would improve the economy drastically, reduce “health risk” at work and help the environment (decreasing the pollution caused by commuters to work and waste). SO WHY NOT?

I say in the importance of balance, work days should equal vacation days… but again, that is my personal opinion and I may be wrong. But why work so hard all week? OH YES… I remember now… because after a long week of work there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than that very first second after you come home on Friday, open the door to your home, and your foot hits the floor… in that moment all worries go away and everything changes. Colours are more vivid. Food tastes better. Smells are divine….

So here’s to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday going well for all of you out there! I hope you get to enjoy the beautiful weather and remember to take some time and look around you today…. you never know what you might see!


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