In Serious Need of Travel Time

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers and Followers…. today I woke up needing a vacation, wanting to get away. I know, I know! Not long ago I took a trip to New Jersey with my boyfriend but I wanted to go somewhere different… I love visiting obscure places, taking photos (OF COURSE!) and learning about different cultures, observing people, and just simply seeing the world. Well seeing the world comes with a bit of an issue… I am deadly scared of flying… and most of the time, this is what limits my traveling. I wish I could get rid of that fear easily and then I would go everywhere. NOT that I haven’t traveled before; I’ve actually been to many countries, on many planes, and many different trips. The only part of the trip I enjoy is from the moment that plane has landed until one day before I have to go…. wondering why one day? Simple. I start to panick again that I will have to take a plane soon…. yes, that’s my fear!

From the many countries I have visited (Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, etc) one that comes to mind today is New Caledonia. A tiny little island off the coast of Australia. My parents lived there a few years back and I had the chance to go visit them over Christmas Holidays. It took 4 plane rides, 36 hours and missing Christmas Day all by myself  (I left on the 24th and landed on the 25th due to time zones)… but I made it there. I must say the island is quite beautiful… as it hosts the 2nd largest coral reef in the world (Australia – of course! – being the 1st).  One one of the many trips accross the island, towards Hienghene, sceneries start to change and become more like Polynesia (or so they say). The one day, we stopped at the beach… and near there we were told that if we climb the nearest “mountain” we would be able to see something extraordinary: “La Poule Couveuse et le Sphinx.” Rock formations that with a bit of imagination you can see the design of them… one of a hen, the other of the “famous” Egyptian Sphink. It is made up of black limestone… and around it is what they call a “natural pool” where formed by coral reef all around a perfect square of the clearest, bluest water you will ever see…. well enough talking about it… HERE IT IS!

But before I go, to come back to original sentence… if you have suggestions for my next vacation… where should I go? Please leave them as comments.

Thanks and enjoy!

“The Hen”

4 thoughts on “In Serious Need of Travel Time

      • I think we went at the beginning of November – at the end of the hurricane season. I was a bit put off cruises as I thought they were for older people – but honestly, having been on one (and there are different types) they are fantastic! You can get to try lots of sports, activities, health and beauty treatments, fabby food AND a different destination every day or every few days! What´s not to like? 🙂

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