Where We Belong

Monday…. how they come so quickly!

They say that you make your own destiny, you create your own path but that in the end it will lead to the same ending point. While I believe this may be true, it can be interpreted in so many different ways that who knows what it truly means… ok so why am I talking about destiny suddenly…? It came to mind… I started a book yesterday. Let me add a bit here… I don’t drive to work but take the bus every morning (and afternoon). I get some time to read books on the way to and back from work every day, which is nice… some “relax’ time. I am a big fan of Emily Giffin. I’ve read all of her books and all my copies (so far!) are paperbacks so you can imagine when I picked up the latest one and all they had were hardbacks how I was disappointed. NOW it wouln’t match the rest of my collection!?! ANYWAYS… so I picked up her latest book: “Where We Belong” and though I haven’t read a lot of it yet, the idea is how you cannot escape your destiny or your past for that matter. I will keep you all posted as I read more every day…. I am sure it will influence my posts for the next week (or two).

So today’s post is a little bit about that. As you grow older you start to realize that many of your actions have lead you to where you are now…. good or bad…. experiences, decisions, actions, etc they have all played a role on where you stand this very moment. And we know that is the case… and yet most of our actions are done without thinking at times and we are just lead forward (or backwards, sideways) towards a goal… and before you know it… it’s there in front of you. OK… I think I’m getting too philosophical. The point I wanted to make today is that much like in my book, you cannot control the things that happen to you but you can control what you do with them. The Road called “Life” is not a Dead End… it’s an Endless Road!

SO ENJOY THE DAY, ENJOY THE WEEK… AND MAY THE (long) WEEKEND COME QUICK but may it start to slow down from Friday on…. before you know it, summer will have come and gone! 


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