Portrait of Youth…. Behind Blue Eyes

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are getting quite the heavy storm here right now… and if you are located near Toronto you probably are right in the middle of it as well!

So because it is so scary outside, today’s topic will be quite light 🙂 I have been practicing different aspects of my Nikon D3100 ever since I got it and one of the modes that I haven’t really had a chance to practice on are “portraits.” So I decided as a challenge I would take portraits of my 9 month old nephew a couple of weeks ago. What could be a bigger challenge than to take a nice still portrait (clear of course) of a constant moving child….???

As it turns out… he loves having his photo taken! WHO KNEW?! He would sit there, look at me, not move… a real pro… EVERY TIME! So I think I got to capture a few good ones (try not to get too distracted by how cute he is!)

Hope you like them….

……til tomorrow follow bloggers! Enjoy!

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