Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple (2)

Now… before I begin, I would like to mention that I do not like the quality of these pictures and that in no way were they taken “professionally”. In fact, I did not have my awesome Nikon with me at the time… but what I do like from the pictures is how the ‘PURPLE’ is represented. What I loveabout the pictures is the memories they created. I went to the concert with my boyfriend (most of you know about him now… surely… I talk about him in 3 out of 4 blogs!) We are both very big fans of Kid Rock and we happened to catch his show last time he was in Toronto.  Our seats were 3rd row from the stage and when you go see a GREAT artist* (for those of you who have seen Kid Rock perform live then you would know what I mean by great) you really have to go all out and get the full experience…. and you typically don’t get the full experience from the nose bleeds so I go all out!

*great artists include but are not limited to those artists with fantastic music who go the extra mile and put on a FANTASTIC show well worth your money spent!*

Anyways, long story short… we had a blast! Purple Blast!!!!

PS. Sorry the picture (s) “may be” offensive to some…

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