Two views are not always the same!

Good afternoon bloggers! As you may have read earlier on this week.. I am reading the new Emily Giffin book: where we belong. NOW, don’t get worried… I won’t give anything away (in case some of you are fans and are too reading it (would love to get comments btw!)! Though I will not be mentioning any specifics, today’s topic came to mind while reading for a bit yesterday.

The two main characters are commenting about their feelings (to themselves) towards the other one and all meanwhile they keep trying to figure out why the other person reacts a certain way (either too happy, not caring, not showing interest, etc) and it upsets them… but what is funny or ironic if you will is that much like in real life, the characters never truly know how the other one feels though they continuously make assumptions….. I probably could elaborate a little more about it but the point I wanted to make today is that we often are guilty of this little error we (as humans) make… it’s often easy to forget that … the grass is not always greener on the other side!

With that, I leave you with today’s picture… (kind of wraps my post today nicely, doesn’t it?)
The image may look duplicated… but is it really the same?

Thanks for stopping by today and Enjoy!


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