Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple (3)

Hi everyone… for today’s “weekly photo challenge” I have chosen one of my pictures from my trip to San Francisco. My boyfriend and I went to Alcatraz and though we were on a very tight schedule to tour it, we walked all around and inside the entire place… I was able to capture a few pictures outside and inside. The following one is one I like quite a bit. Of course I have adjusted the colour to isolate the “purple” in it.

For those interested in knowing a bit about Alcatraz…San Francisco Bay was discovered by Juan Manuel de Ayala, including “Alcatraz Island”. The word Alcatraz derives from the Spanish “isla de los Alcatraces” meaning “Island of the Pelicans.”  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by the overall visit, there was not a whole lot to learn or “visit” inside… a lot of the corridors were closed to tourists and/or being remodeled. I think, personally, a “theater like experience” with actors would be a great addition to the Maximum Prison turned National Park! Perhaps I will have to go back and do the “NIGHT TOUR” – I hear that one is MUCH better as rumour has it, it is a haunted walk and tourists have commented about hearing the “ghosts of inmates” when walking around the prison and eerie feelings and events have been known to happen during the nightly visit…. any takers?


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