Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth (2)

 Hi Everyone! Sorry I was MIA this weekend… I went to a friend’s house up in Warkworth (near Cobourg, ON) and spent the weekend there… no internet… I didn’t even notice until 5 minutes ago (been home for less than hour) how much attention my blog got this weekend… WOW! Well first off, thanks everyone for stopping by this weekend and leaving “likes”, “comments”, “reblogs”… what an honour!

With that, I give you a bit of growth… Again, this subject is a bit… hmm… abstract so… as long as I understand it to be “growth”, it must be ok to post on here… right?!

Here we go! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend (if you got one) and that the rest of the evening goes back slowly because tomorrow it’s back to work time… work… should be a swear word!

This is a picture I took in Costa Rica at Volcano Poaz… The entire are looks like another planet (not that I have ever been anywhere but Earth)… and from the top you can actually see inside the volcano (pictured below)… and next to me was a beautiful bush… and I wondered at the time, how can a bush filled with such beautiful flower grow next to a) a volcano b) in the middle of no where c) where it is so dry and hot… but here it was. So I got doesn and tried different angles that would capture both the flowers and the volcano… and I came up with this photo… which I really like. Hopefully you will too!


Volcano Poaz

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