Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth (3)

Good afternoon fellow bloggers! Today I am going about this weekly photo challenge a bit differently. Growth.  I think at one time or another everyone realizes something as they grow older, wiser, etc. It could be anything really (from realizing something about your childhood isn’t true, that taxes get higher when you move to the GTA (ugh!), or that you cannot jump from the roof with an umbrella like Mary Poppins (got in trouble!), etc. Everyone goes through it!

This is what I realized this weekend… it’s small… not that important but it was still disappointing. So as I mentioned in my previous post, my boyfriend and I went to a friends’ house this weekend. They live in the country (boonies) and it’s just wonderful there!  We thought it would be a good idea to try making “glow sticks”. You know, mixing 1/4 Mountain Dew with baking soda and peroxide and it will glow in the dark. What could be cooler than to pour a few “liquid” glow sticks to bring with us by the fire as we roast some spider weiners? That reminds me… does everyone know what spider weiners are? Because it seems I keep having to explain it to everyone, no one has ever had one… except South Ontarians (so it seems). Anyways, spider weiners are the BEST way to roast a hot dog/weiner on the camp fire. I showed my friends’ kids and them this weekend and everyone LOVED them!

Anyways… where was I? Oh yes, glow sticks… by fire… spider weiners… We thought it would be wonderful, have the moon shining, warm breeze, mosquitoes (of course biting through my jeans) and HOME MADE MOUNTAIN DEW GLOW STICKS. So I have my camera ready, capturing every moment of the recipe… mountain dew… check… baking soda.. slowly… check… peroxide *(secretly anticipating it to explode… don’t know why)…. check…. SHAKE WELL…. shake shake shake…. and NOTHING… they didn’t work. We tried making them different ways, different parts per ingredients… no… it was a Hoax. I was so disappointed and I think so was everyone else. It just shows you that as I grow, I learn new things… one of them this weekend was YouTube does not only have “true” videos!

So here is my take on “growth” today. Growth does not always Glow!



Grow – No Glow


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