September Days Are Here Already

Hello fellow bloggers… today I just felt like taking a mental break. Ok, so I feel that way pretty much every day but if that is all I wrote about it would be pretty boring.

Did you know that last Sunday was birthday? I was very blessed that this year my birthday fell on the long weekend. It typically does (very rarely is it during the week). I was actually born ON LABOUR DAY some many years ago…. Ha! I bet you can even figure out the year if you look it up… or maybe not!?

So as the wind blew my candles this year, I was left with having to make the magical annual wish… but what could or would I wish for this year? If you know a thing or two about wishes, you probably know that I won’t mention what it was in this blog (otherwise it won’t come true)… or is it ok to write it as long as it is not spoken aloud?! hmmm…. better not risk it! So I thought hard about what I could wish for, something personal? something with work? money? friends? family? for the NHL not to go on lock out?…….

As I thought about it that day, my boyfriend and I AND THE NEWEST ADDITION TO OUR FAMILY (a puppy) by the name of Elvis (welcome to our home Elvis!), decided to go to the Drive-In. I don’t know about you guys but I love the Drive-In. More so than going to the Theatre. It’s personal, yet you’re out. It’s cozier, you can walk, do what you like, eat and be loud and there’s just something completely nostalgic and magical about watching a movie under the stars…. I love it. As you may know, during long weekends typically 3-4 movies are played… they call it the Dusk til Dawn Special. So on Sunday – they played 4 movies. (ok… so we also went on Saturday and they played 3 movies)….  Speaking of nostalgia under the stars… I also had the lucky chance of seeing a shooting star while at the drive-in. So here I was Birthday Wish to make, Shooting Star wish to make…. thinking thinking…thinking….

I also remembered on the way to the Drive-In, as we listened to the radio… the announcers were talking about Back to School and how they “wished” all Holidays were pushed back a month and everyone would enjoy it more. Think about it? these are some of the points they made…

Labour Day/Back to School – you want to wear fall clothing, new clothing but due to global warming or aliens or cycles or whatever – it’s TOO warm still for Fall clothes

Thanksgiving – would now fall on the same month as in the U.S. we could all enjoy 2 day holiday (Thursday/Friday) and Black Friday could be enjoyed in Canada as well

Christmas – pushed to January. The period between end of fall/beginning of winter and Christmas is where EVERYONE wants the snow, everyone is excited about the snow but once Christmas arrives, everyone wants the snow gone. By pushing Christmas out a month it gives that nice break in winter and almost GUARANTEES a white Christmas.

Anyways….. with that I leave you with today’s very mixed up train of thoughts on SO MANY different subject…

Oh yes…. my wish….. what was it?


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