Longing for summer….

You would think, as a Canadian, that I should be used to winter and even potentially like it. The truth is, I like it from mid December to January 2nd. After that, it can go away. I think perhaps we have been spoiled over the last few years. Winters were mild and short and summer would arrive mid March. It is almost April and I haven’t put my winter clothes away yet. I wear my mukluks (*no fur or animal harmed in the making of my boots*) on a daily basis as I brave the chilly wind with my scarf up to my eyes. Where is summer? Where is the time to sit outside all day with a nice cold drink in my hand and the hot sun softly brushing my cheeks?

As I sit by my computer at my breakfast bar, looking outside at the sun shining, tricking me into thinking it is warmer than it is outside, I can’t help but wonder; why did the groundhog lie to me?! When will I feel the hot sand on my bare toes again and the hot sun on my back?! …..


*Photography by Melvin FancyPants


*Photography courtesy of SayVan Photography – thanks for the memory!!!

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