Nothing good on TV today…. should I run tomorrow?

Have you guys realized that Tuesdays seem to have nothing good on TV? *This is solely my opinion OF COURSE* It seems they have canceled most of my shows this season… and some of them fell on Tuesdays. I now watch 1 show on SUNDAY, 1 show on MONDAY, 1 show on WEDNESDAY, 1 show on THURSDAY. I used to have so many a day. Maybe that is a good thing as the weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer and I should really start to exercise again. I always wanted to be able to run…. run without getting tired… run a marathon? At this moment in time, this would be a very hard goal to accomplish. Let’s start small and work our way up… maybe in a few months I will be blogging on here about how I ran x kilometers (miles for my American friends). 🙂 I sure hope so!

death valley

“The different roads in life will lead you to different goals”

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