Picture Thursday

Hi, so I am starting my own weekly theme and it’s called Picture Thursday. It’s very simple. I’ll post ONE picture on Thursdays and the goal is to get people to comment on my post with what the picture makes them think of… sort of a backwards Weekly Photo Challenge but with no theme. There is no challenge, no theme, only a photograph and then I leave it you guys to decide what the THEME SHOULD HAVE BEEN?!!?

Cool? Ok… here’s today’s (VERY FIRST) Picture Thursday

PS. not sure what the Weekly Photo Challenge is? I’ve attached some earlier posts.



3 thoughts on “Picture Thursday

  1. Ok, I like this idea and will definitely play! Let me give you a stream of consciousness play-by-play of noticing the picture for the first time.
    I opened your blog’s “home” page after receiving an email that you’d commented on my weekly photo challenge post. I noticed there was a picture in your left hand column, thought, “hmmm. maybe some Mongolian building?” and then went on to scan other entries on your home page. Your Sept 7th post caught my eye first, so I went there—I bounced back to your home page after commenting on the Sept 7 entry.
    Looking closer this time, I thought maybe I was wrong about mongolia, so read the entry, and then understood why you didn’t explain or caption the image. Next, I hoped you were careless about tagging and that you might have inadvertently left a clue behind so I moused over your photo, but no! (points to you for being intelligent….I respect such attention to detail!)
    Since I really can’t figure out where the building is located, let me tell you the impressions I got from the pic:
    it looks cool outside, but not cold..
    wan sunlight could mean winter?
    house of worship or embassy
    overall feel is of community but not necessarily a celebration.

    If I had to place a theme on this, I’d say “picture of a chilly scene”

    Ok let’s see how other readers do!


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