Seven Days until Summer

Who would have thought that winter would come and go so fast that it felt like we went from fall into spring into summer…?

Given that for years and decades many people feared this year, the big 2012…. I can’t help but wonder… what has “the feared” 2012 been like so far? Well in the last year, my boyfriend and I have moved cities, I have changed jobs, I have lost friends and made new ones but one of the most important thing that has happened is that I have had the chance to become, for the very first time, an aunt! 

Loic – 6 Months

That is why part of today’s post (and my very first one) is dedicated to my nephew: Loic. Pronounced as it’s spelled… Lo-Eek! Already 8 months (well in 6 days), he remains my favourite person under 2 feet tall. There is just something about the innocence of his blue eyes, that look deeply at you; as if he were to ask: What is the world like? Well Loic, the aunt in me wants to tell you that the world is great, fun, sunny and happy all the time and that you will love it. But as you grow old you will soon learn that the only way to make THE world that way is by making it YOUR own world… focus on the positive, leave out the negative and live to the fullest. Spend time with family and friends, try to create memories and leave behind what drags you down!

So here it is folks, have a wonderful day everyone… remember to stop and smell the flowers (unless you’re allergic of course!) Speaking of which…. here is a shot I took at my boyfriend’s parents house…. Still learning to use my camera! My boyfriend’s stepdad gives me tips as he has a similar camera…


Hope you like it!


One thought on “Seven Days until Summer

  1. Hey… I think I know you and recognize those flowers….. I will try and direct some of my followers your way…. Welcome to the world of Blogging!

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